17 January 2014

We have the YouTube Video Clip for MAGOG-Millennium 3.

Matters are moving forward in a satisfactory manner. From here we should shortly settle on the eBook Editions: Kindle, Nook and Multi-Format Edition (MFE).

We are already in the process of ordering 75 copies of MAGOG-Millennium 3, to be used for local marketing purposes, and to obtain some Reader Reviews.

Everything counts!!



14 January 2014

The final volume of the Millennium 3 trilogy is released!

The Final Volume in the Me3 Trilogy

Book Release!!!

Once again, the final stages of Production have gone very quickly. Here we are in the very early days of January and the book is available.

Other work remains to be done:   Promulgation of the Book Release, by the Publisher to the global Book Publishing realm, usually takes a week or two.
Production of the eBook editions will also require some time. Usually the first cabs off the rank are the Kindle Edition, and the Barnes& Nook Edition. These will be followed by the ePubCo Multi-Format Edition (MFE), which can be downloaded and read in PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone without a dedicated ‘Reader’.

We also are waiting to see the Video Clip presently in production. It’s an exciting time!


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