Only Youth Survive

I deliberately wrote for Youth Age 15+ and up.

It is the youth who are most likely to survive the terrible war we are bringing on ourselves.
They also might respond best to the very real Gospel Light in my Religious Fiction Novels.
I would certainly have read these book at Age 15 if they had been available to me then…

It seems impossible to imagine the future path of Mankind.
But I have gone ahead and seen what the Prophets foretold.

I have created people who are dead and given them voices, in the future.
What are they doing, beyond the Veil of Death?
What will YOU do?

Humanity has 1000 years to run: the “Third Millennium”.



We are in the Third Millennium NOW!

This shocking novel is available for download NOW.
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Millennium 3 Trilogy eBook (Author Impress)
Millennium 3 Trilogy eBook (Author Impress)
All three novels of the Millennium 3 Trilogy, in one eBook (EPUB)
Price: $3.04

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Author’s Impress Edition

Modern technology has overtaken the Publishing Industry and today the Reading Public are compiling Libraries of Digital Books.

So this year we completely re-Edited and re-Published the Trilogy as an Author’s Impress Edition!

That Edition can now be downloaded in ePub Format, right here on the Web Site of the Trilogy.

We have kept the Download Price very affordable, in view of the target readership being Youth, Age 15+ and above.

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Illuminati versus CFR

The words and warnings of Myron C. Fagan back in 1967 now seem tragically prophetic. And yet more, which was also known then, has also come to light revealing Humanity today is in the direst of straits.

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At BEA15 New York

Our books were again represented by SBPRA in New York City. We have been at “All Shows” every year since Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency started their Global strategy four years back.

Selling With A Smile

It PAYS to be SEEN !

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Our books are available at ALL the usual outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookTopia and etc.

Three Books - One Thousand Years

Three Books – One Thousand Years

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Selfie # 10 – Islam and the Qur’an

Islam features in book 2 of the trilogy: FORTH-Millennium 3.

The arguments put forward by Islam, in its own defence, are only the symptoms of what is wrong with it. Continue reading

The Millennium 3 Trilogy Video Trailer

The Millennium 3 Trilogy YouTube video trailer has been released.

This video says a number of things which could not be plainly stated about any of the individual books, or in the book promotional videos.

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