Why Does God Permit Evil?

It is the Will of the God of Abraham to scourge all Mankind in our day.

United in Lies

Evil is Popular

People see the evidence around them, that suffering in the world is caused by evil men. Many ask, “Why does God permit evil?”

The basic proposition in placing Mankind, the children of God, here on earth was to “Test and try them, to see if they will obey God’s commandments”. Therefore there had to be opposing choices before us, in all things. Some would say that we, like Adam and Eve, do not fully comprehend the consequences of our choices.

Throughout the ages men have been sent, Prophets who warn and teach. For the obedient, the promises of the prophets were all fulfilled. Societies which together practised the laws and commandments of God prospered.

But the natural man is the enemy of God and prosperity breeds vanity and disobedience to God’s laws. In such a society, the people put men above themselves, or let men get above them, who are motivated by evil. In such a society, the growth of evil becomes a vicious cycle of wealth, power, tyranny, death and suffering.

Yet despite the suffering in their midst, the people hold to their evil ways and simply strive to elevate their own station – by whatever means.

Both Biblical and Secular History demonstrate that such societies are swept away. Their inner vitality is sapped by moral decline and self indulgence at every level of their human endeavour.

Once the fallen condition of a society has weakened it beyond recovery, enemies of the state arise, within and from without that society or Nation, and destroy it. Traditionally the victors kill all the men and boys, rape all the women and girls and establish the New Order by force. They raise up unto themselves a new Generation who abide in the laws and rules of the New Order.

God endorses the death and suffering of those who refuse to obey His laws and commandments and prevent their children from doing so.

Today, the first day of January 2022, the world is fallen and is marching headlong toward destruction. This physical destruction is leveled upon the People by enemies within their own societies and also by characters who hide in shadows mainly but who fund and empower false priests and tyrants who reign with blood and horror in this world.

These are the forces which God empowers to sweep an evil generation from the face of the earth.

God does not give greater power to these who will destroy our world, our community and our society. We as a People have declined the Power God gave us, to rise above vanity and temptation and to strive to fill the sacred magnitude of our creation.

So the forces of evil have become irresistible and we cannot prevent what comes.

There is no mystery here. We have been warned by the words of all the holy prophets that this day must surely come, when Humanity turned it’s back on it’s living God.

So yes.

It is the Will of God that this vast death and suffering continue until the fulfilling of the words of all the holy prophets:

“Few Men will Survive”
Isaiah 24: 5 The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.
6 Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

“Retribution on Americas”
Alma 45: 16 And he said: Thus saith the Lord God—Cursed shall be the land, yea, this land (America), unto every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, unto destruction, which do wickedly, when they are fully ripe; and as I have said so shall it be; for this is the cursing and the blessing of God upon the land, for the Lord cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.

Ether 2:9 And now, we can behold the decrees of God concerning this land (America), that it is a land of promise; and whatsoever nation shall possess it shall serve God, or they shall be swept off when the fullness of his wrath shall come upon them. And the fullness of his wrath cometh upon them when they are ripened in iniquity.

It is the Will of Men that permits evil, not the Will of God.

As the Rainbow followed the Flood, so shall the new Millennium bring the further light and knowledge and the peace of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

But first – This Great War.

Our personal response, as Christians, can only be to repent of all evil and to do good.


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