Digital ID

Governments and Agency Experts assure us we need Digital Identification.
They say it’s safer, faster and more reliable…

You Will Be Happy

Fast and Unavoidable

The implication is that our adoption of Digital ID is voluntary but like COVAX, it will quickly become mandatory and universal.
Any individual refusing will become disenfranchised.

Now that the War we are in is publicly undeniable, some things are changing – but some things never do.

The underlying concern then is, with Universal Digi-ID, that will become the nexus of an holistic database.
We see a vast and all-encompassing database, where everything about everybody is stored.

And it must seem logical, since the data is there, that Government and its Bureaucratic agencies will find excuses to access the data.
Access to the data cries out for Control.

All users in fact become disenfranchised.

Don’t press all the right buttons and your Social Credit Score is shot.

What Social Credit Score???

Whether you know it or not, you already have a Credit Rating Score, which is available online to Businesses, Lenders and “Agencies”.
See that here:

And just so you are firmly convinced this is a credible threat of intrusion, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the ring and will NOT be boxing for YOU. Verification (Surveillance) will be faster than you can believe.

So nobody is asking for our permission and we will get Digi-ID whether we want it of not.
And that calls for the end to Cash Transactions – because neither Seller nor Buyer will be able to adequately verify the legal source of the funds –

The AI Watcher will demand answers.

Digital Identification, enforced by Artificial Intelligence, lightning fast, all encompassing and accessible by Government and it’s faceless, unelected Bureaucratic “Agents”.

You will be happy. *female voiceover – soothing background music*


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