Seeing EVIL

How to convey evil, in an evil world, becomes increasingly difficult.

Black on White

Been OUT with this CUTIE ??

Always, with the release of a book, we have the 100 or so Professionals associated with SBPRA in America, produce a Video Enhanced Press Release.

Clearly there is an idea in mind when we brief the Production Team on what we desire and indicate how we think the video should look and sound. Sometimes there are surprises.

This time, back came the First Draft and the Script was as expected. But there was a point where reference is made to the Great Spiritual War which began in Heaven and continues today in the Mortal World.

The Graphic Artist and Producer had come up with an astonishing female Satan, calmly observing the competition. (a Chess Game ! ) We found this enlightening, in today’s gender-challenged world and perhaps insightful ??

Plus Satan, while he is in touch with his Feminine Side is quite a Cutie !!!


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