Me3 Trilogy – 3 Books – One e-Book

We finally publish the entire Millennium 3 Trilogy as one eBook.

What Crucible is God's Hand?

What CRUCIBLE is The Hand of God ?

The action throughout the Me3 Trilogy is set beyond the Veil of Death, as seen through the eyes of Eber, a murdered priest who is propelled into the Spirit World. We see the Biblical Millennium of Peace, when swords will be turned to ploughshares.

But first, NOW! This Great War, in which Billions must die! Dialogue plainly reveals the idolatrous, pagan origins of Islam and also illustrates the Keys and the Powers of the Holy Priesthood.

We see the ongoing relationships among the countless dead, who wait in the realms beyond the Veil. We journey between the Spirit Realms of Dark and Light. We observe the End of the Mortal World, and the Fates of Mankind, judged by the Living God.

We see the Man Eber, exalted in the Final Judgment Day, who becomes a god.

But WHO is EBER?


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