Illuminati versus CFR

The words and warnings of Myron C. Fagan back in 1967 now seem tragically prophetic. And yet more, which was also known then, has also come to light revealing Humanity today is in the direst of straits.

We have found that Myron C. Fagan conducted detailed and accurate research into the origins, purposes and protocols of the Illuminati, tracing their influence on the affairs of Mankind from the Napoleonic Wars, through World Wars One and Two and pointed directly at the present day.

He gave little indication however as to the source of the evil which was motivating and directing the efforts of the Illuminati.

Further research Online has found additional sources of information. This included the efforts of Cleon Skousen and others, who revealed the Jesuits to be a direct Luciferian link, within the Catholic Church, to the common enemy of all Mankind.

So it seems, disregarding the Biblical and Greek records of archaic History which reveal the ever-present influence of evil upon Mankind anciently, there has been a continuous influence exerted through the Jesuits of Rome (the Black Pope & etc.) which has sought always to take away from Men the right to think, choose and act for themselves.

This is a continuation of the Spiritual War that began in Heaven and has not ceased upon the Earth. Lucifer coveted the role of Messiah and volunteered to take it unto himself, so long as he would himself receive the Glory of God: and he promised that ALL of Mankind would return to live with our Father in Heaven.

Lucifer’s plan was to use compulsion, and to remove free will and choice from all Mankind, so that none dare sin and the Judgement of God would be negated.

Jehovah also offered to be the one but said, “Thine be the Honour and the Glory”.

Father in Heaven chose Jehovah, “I choose the First.” (Jehovah was the Firstborn of God in the Spirit and became the Only Begotten of the Father in the Flesh – Jesus of Nazareth)

Lucifer rebelled, but was not alone. One third of all the Children of God preferred the plan of Lucifer. They sided with him and there was war in Heaven, in which Lucifer and one third were cast out. These spirit children of God were cast OUT of Heaven and IN to the Earth, where they continue to reside. They are fallen and can never obtain physical bodies such as Men on Earth possess. They are denied mortal life but can invade the bodies of men if they are permitted access and then they possess the bodies and souls of sinners.

That war continues and Lucifer delights in the suffering of the children of God in the world.

The war in Heaven was identical to the spiritual war which continues among us today. The weapons on both sides were the expressed voices of those who followed Lucifer against those who championed God and The Son.

There is much besides, but this is the context in which the Jesuits exercise power and dominion in the world, cloaked in shadows and secrecy, behind such as the Illuminati and their tools, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the USA and similar agencies in other Nations throughout the world.

We are publishing here the Audio files created from a series of Long Playing Vinyl Records produced by Myron C. Fagan in 1967. They run for two and a half hours, which is long for the attention span of those accustomed to 10 second sound bites.

It may seem today that Lucifer is winning the war in the world, because he is. But this is a war in the spiritual as well as the temporal world and there are more on the side of the Lord than can be seen by those with merely mortal eyes.

Even without the words of Fagan, any Christian must be able to see the words of the Prophets are being fulfilled and that we live in That Day mentioned by such as Isaiah.

Knowledge is available and Faith is needed.


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